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In this guest blog, Paul Pincerna of Brighton Perfumery tells us about his journey in perfumery.

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Perfumery is a science, a closed world of heritage; Did you know? There are fewer perfumers in the world than astronauts.

Perfology – A Vegan Natural Perfume System

Perfology is expressed through a triambic where each element of the pure absolute and essential oils interacts through a focal point to create the ‘symbiosis’, a natural reaction to make a perfume masterpiece. Natural perfume should smell different on each person’s skin, sometimes subtle variations whilst some blends create a polarising chemistry on the skin. Celebuscent modern synthetic perfume has no individuality, no heart, no ‘joie de vivre’; flat overly floral citrus waves crash violently before totally disappearing.

My Perfumery world uses arid plants to create the bombastic heady scents of the 1920’s and 1970’s. Re-invention of the golden decades of perfumery without the need for animal suffering. Classically trained I have never used animal derivatives in my perfume. I trained making sassy French floral elixirs that were spun not distilled. No animal products, no animal clarification, no alcohol and no by-product wastage.

Perfume ‘Arithmetic Expression’ is fragrance pattern matching to create waves of olfactory triggers; a mathematical encyclopaedic quantification of the hermetic botanicals that make a perfume. Clothes, music and art are all expressions of who we are; a sensory biography of how we perceive ourselves within and to others. Olfactory triggers are a primaeval forest of reflective nostalgia. How can perfume not be an expression, a ‘DNA’ pattern of positivity and mental wellbeing?

My perfume is oil-based so evaporation is not artificially induced by alcohol burn off as per traditional lower-class ethanol-based perfumes. The perfume notes are at their strongest on first application, a concerto of aromatic wonderment. The first reveal happens within thirty minutes when the perfume drops the clashing notes to tune into your specific skin DNA. The perfume is then delicately balanced, a sonnet of fragrance groups that fade to reveal just the earthy or musky notes.

I hate harsh industrial chemical processes to turn out synthesised perfume as per all the corporate fashion houses. All perfume that is sold in China must be tested on animals.

My bombastic heady scents are spun in a machine modified by myself called ‘The Attarator’ which uses centrifuge and bio-rhythmic patterns to bend and combine all-natural ingredients without the need for synthetic fixative.

My free membership of ‘The British Library’ gave me the time to research botany and the history of plants used throughout the ages for fragrance and therapy. I want to unlock the world of perfume after being inspired by the craft beer and coffee movements to make something previously exclusive into affordable inclusivity.

Brighton has provided the pulse point and soul with customers who feel engaged with my journey to change the perfumery world. A small batch perfumery who wants to take on the corporates with sass, style and a story. All perfume can be made like this, join us to support ecology, fair trade and most of all to Unlock Your Perfume DNA.

You can find out more about Brighton Perfumery on Ethical Globe or by visiting their website.

You can connect with Brighton Perfumery on Facebook and Instagram too.


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