About Ethical Globe

Ethical Globe is a directory and community of vegan people, businesses, organisations and projects that launched in 2020. We founded Ethical Globe after realising that there was little support for the vegan community. In particular, vegans who also wish to make other ethically conscious decisions.

Ethical Globe aims to provide information and support to the growing vegan population. It will empower people to live in alignment with their values by helping them with their everyday choices. This will contribute to creating a fairer world for all.

Ethical Globe will provide a platform for communities to build and to unite. In time, it will help create a worldwide network of like-minded people, projects and businesses who care about justice for all. Justice for humans, justice for other animals and justice for the planet.


To support, inspire and empower vegans of today and tomorrow to make ethically conscious decisions by providing them with the information, relationships and communities they need to do so.


A world where everyone understands the importance and value of fairness and compassion for all – our animal kin, Mother Earth and other humans.


  • Make it easier for vegans to find vegan online and physical entities
  • Make it easier for vegan businesses and professionals to find vegan suppliers, partners and others to work with
  • Make it easier for vegans to support independent vegan businesses, projects and other organisations
  • Support independent vegan businesses to gain exposure and to build relationships with others. To resist and provide alternatives to the corporate takeover/co-option of the vegan/plant-based market.

Veganism is necessary but not enough to create a world which is just for all. All systems of oppression are connected and reinforce each other. This means we must also consider human oppression and environmental destruction.

As such Ethical Globe also seeks to:

  • Increase awareness amongst vegans of wider social justice considerations. So they can incorporate these into their consumption choices and everyday lives.
  • Encourage vegan businesses and other organisations to work against the oppression of humans and other animals, and the destruction of the planet.


Laila Kassam, Founder and Ethical Lead

Laila Kassam, Founder and Ethical Lead

Laila is co-founder and Director of Animal Think Tank, a grassroots organisation building a broad-based mass movement for Animal Freedom in the UK. 

Laila is also a co-founder of Veterinary Vegan Network. She is co-editor of a book called "Rethinking Food and Agriculture: New Ways Forward"; find out more at the Inclusive Responsibility website.

Laila has an MSc in Development Management from the London School of Economics and a PhD in Development Economics from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. She has been involved in social change for most of her career. Laila worked in the international development sector from 2003, conducting research on poverty and food security for rural development projects in the Global South.

Shailen Jasani, Founder and Business/Community Lead

Shailen Jasani, Founder and Business/Community Lead

Shailen is a co-founder of Veterinary Vegan Network. He qualified as a veterinary surgeon in 1999 and has spent his career working with companion dogs and cats. Shailen has focused on Emergency and Critical Care. In 2010 he became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care. Shailen has written a book and developed an app on small animal emergency medicine. He has also contributed to various publications and delivered extensive teaching to vets, nurses and students.

Shailen is the Founder, CEO and Clinical Director of The Ralph. This is an independent veterinary referral centre for dogs and cats. It opened in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, UK in February 2019.

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