Helpful hashtags for the ethical business

Introduction to the Ethical Globe Academy

We know how difficult it is to get an ethical business off the ground. It’s even more challenging to grow that business or organisation in a sustainable way that keeps your mission moving forward, your message reaching new audiences, and your team (including you) free from burnout. You’ve committed to building an entity that makes the world a kinder, more compassionate place for all, and we want to further help you in that endeavour.

That’s where the Ethical Globe Academy comes in. Every month, we’ll send tips for optimising your business operations, tricks for fine-tuning your internal processes, best practices for communicating your mission, and innovative tactics for reaching business goals. As ethical and independent small business owners, your story (and conscience!) give you a distinct edge over the corporate competition. The goal of Ethical Globe Academy is to help you do that work with less struggle, more clarity, and ever-growing momentum.

What are the greatest challenges that you face in your business? Let us know so that we can help in these posts. We’d love to hear from you!

Helpful hashtags for the ethical business

Hashtags are one of the most effective tools for increasing your visibility across social channels and reaching new audiences with your mission, content, and products.

A hashtag is an organisation and research tool that brands use to add their voice to a particular conversation on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or TikTok. Consumers use hashtags to find content about a specific subject. Hashtags are critical to every post that you publish because they ensure that NEW audiences see your content. Without new people seeing your content, you won’t be able to grow an audience.

If your business or organisation is just getting started on social media, strategic hashtags will attract your first Followers relatively quickly. If you’re already established on social platforms and your Follower count has stalled, an easy-to-implement solution is to change up your hashtags. Below, we’ve compiled three groups of hashtags for ethical businesses to try. We’ve organised them according to three topics:

  1. Vegan and ethical lifestyle
  2. Vegan and ethical industry/niche
  3. Geographic location

As an example, if I owned a business that made vegan lip gloss for busy moms in London, I might try adding the following hashtags to my posts:










These hashtags give me the best chance of reaching the social feeds of my target consumer: working mothers of young children who live in the UK and self-identify as vegan, ethical and/or conscious consumers. By adding these hashtags to my post, I’ve done my best to make my brand visible to people interested in these social conversations.

On Instagram, you should use at least three hashtags on every post, and we recommend that you add no more than eleven.


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