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Vegan Fairs

Vegan Fairs

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We have a fantastic portfolio of vegan events that take place across the South-West of England and beyond.

Bringing the best plant-based food, ethical clothing brands, cruelty-free beauty products and eco-friendly household items from local, independent companies… straight to your doorstep.

We pride ourselves on making our events accessible and to be enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

Our aim is to give people the opportunity to sample and discover a wide variety of artisan, plant-based products made by independent businesses right on their doorstep. It's clear that the popularity of veganism is no longer regarded as a trend but as a way of life for millions across the UK. That being said, it is still increasingly difficult to buy certain plant-based products without having to order online or travel into a city-centre.

We want to support independent, local businesses by giving them a platform to get their products and brands out there. For many traders, their main source of income is from trading at fairs and markets across the country and a stepping stone to take their business to the next step. We have a great relationship with our traders and are proud to be a part of their journey.

We think that running vegan fairs and markets can be one of the most effective forms of vegan outreach. Most of our events have been first time events in the towns that they have been held in, and often attract the attention and attendance of local people, not all of whom are vegan. We have been praised at being able to showcase the vegan lifestyle in a friendly, approachable, accessible away.

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If you are a trade who'd like to apply to be at our events you can do so here:

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Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 07500690313

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Are all the products your entity (business, brand, organisation) produces and/or retails suitable for vegans? If no, then, unfortunately, you cannot register as we only accept submissions from 100% vegan entities.


Which of the following best describes you (professionals and sole traders) or your organisation?



Is your organisation an independent business/brand or a corporate owned business/brand?


Are you a Grassroots organisation (for projects, charities/NGOs)?


Are you a BAME (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic) owned/run business/organisation?


What type of business/organisation are you?

Sole trader

Are you a woman-owned/run business/organisation?


Social, Economic and Environmental Justice

Which social, economic or environmental justice causes does your entity (business, brand, organisation) support or promote (e.g. through social media posts, donations, attending protests and other direct actions etc.)?

Animal rights

Climate justice

Environmental justice


Feminism and gender justice

Global justice

LGBTQIA justice

Racial justice

What do you do to support or promote each of the causes you have identified?

Donate to animal rights charities, plant trees and promote on social media

Does your business/organisation have policies and practices which actively promote diversity and inclusion?


Is your business a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation?


Environment and Sustainability

Do you only use recycled or recyclable materials for packaging?


Is all of your packaging biodegradable?


Does your business, organisation or project follow a zero waste philosophy?


Giving Back

Does your business support or give back to the local community in any way?


Ethical Banking

Does your business/organisation use an ethical bank or building society?


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