Un Mundo Vegano (One Vegan World)

Un Mundo Vegano (One Vegan World)

Un Mundo Vegano (One Vegan World)

More about Un Mundo Vegano (One Vegan World)

If you have a vegan offer (product / service) and you want to reach out to customers in this part of the world (Latin America has 660 million inhabitants with an estimated 20% of the population (IPSOS 2018) willing to try a flexitarian diet) we want to help you make it happen.

We adapt our services offers according to the needs of the customer.

We can help you with: Product Design, Product Manufacturing (in the region), Distribution, Marketing Strategy, Communicating Effectively your offer in Latin America, PPRR,...

I, Juan Bautista Pique, want to help you because I am a vegan and I firmly believe in the positive impact this way of live creates in the world.

Key information

Reach Latin America with the help of locals.

I want to be that bridge between your offer and the Latin American.

Your company could not be 100% vegan (I was not born a vegan), however I focus on helping only vegan offers (product / service) reach this part of the world.


More countries - Pay less!

20% discount on our fee if you decide to reach more than 2 countries with your offer.

Contact information

Website: unmundovegano.com

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +51924517505

Mobile: +51924517505


Av. Malecon Grau 1229
Lima, Peru

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Are all the products your entity (business, brand, organisation) produces and/or retails suitable for vegans? If no, then, unfortunately, you cannot register as we only accept submissions from 100% vegan entities.


Which of the following best describes you (professionals and sole traders) or your organisation?



Is your organisation an independent business/brand or a corporate owned business/brand?


Are you a Grassroots organisation (for projects, charities/NGOs)?


Are you a BAME (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic) owned/run business/organisation?


What type of business/organisation are you?


Are you a woman-owned/run business/organisation?


Social, Economic and Environmental Justice

Which social, economic or environmental justice causes does your entity (business, brand, organisation) support or promote (e.g. through social media posts, donations, attending protests and other direct actions etc.)?

Animal rights


What do you do to support or promote each of the causes you have identified?

Sharing information and stories on Social Media.

Does your business/organisation have an ethical labour policy or code of practice (either formal or informal) which ensures fair labour practices?


Does your business/organisation have policies and practices which actively promote diversity and inclusion?


Is your business a member of the World Fair Trade Organisation?


Giving Back

Does your business support or give back to the local community in any way?


Ethical Banking

Does your business/organisation use an ethical bank or building society?


What is the motivation behind Un Mundo Vegano?

We want to promote veganism in Latin America by making it easy for people to explore this way of eating and this way of life. We encourage people to start even by trying a vegan diet once a week and then keep moving forward.

Who is the team behind Un Mundo Vegano?

Juan Bautista Piqué, the founder of Un Mundo Vegano, works with other organizations to promote veganism.

What one thing about Un Mundo Vegano would most surprise us?

The founder (Juan Bautista Piqué) was mostly "anti-vegan" before trying veganism. Raised in a "meat-eating country" like Colombia (and all of Latin America's countries), taking the animal off the plate was kind of absurd. So we get that it may not look easy to give veganism a chance. We have compassion for the animals and also compassion for the people that are on the way to giving it a try and have doubts. We are there for them!

What would you wish for if you could be granted one wish?

When you touch the food you are going to eat, you would see the entire history of that food before eating it. May it be broccoli or a piece of meat. If people would TRULY become aware of the history of their food, we would have more vegans in the world. Everybody is born a vegan (a baby does not want to kill an animal).

Is there anything else you want to share about Un Mundo Vegano?

We want to see vegan awareness raised in Spanish-speaking countries. We want to see it happen. Thank you!

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