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Having transitioned to a vegan lifestyle back in 2012, I know how important it is to find professionals and suppliers who share similar values, particularly around animal rights (the reason I first became vegan), and caring for our planet.

Whilst we may have experienced similar things, becoming vegan in a mostly non-vegan world, I also appreciate that your journey is your own.

Vegan people usually seek me out as their therapist for one of 3 reasons:

1) To talk about issues relating to lifestyle and values with someone who will understand.
2) To explore their identity and sense of self during or after moving to a more cruelty-free / planet-friendly way of living.
3) To talk about non-vegan-related issues with someone who they know is vegan as a way of ethical purchasing.

If this sounds like it is just what you have been looking for, drop me an email to arrange a telephone consultation.

Key information

My practice is open Tuesdays - Saturdays, including some mid-week evenings.

I am currently taking details of people who would like to join a pschotherapeutic support group, fortnightly on Wednesday evenings.

I offer a short telephone consultation in the first instance, to get basic details, explain how I work, and answer any questions you may have. The consultation lasts for between 15 and 30 minutes.

If you are interested in individual or couples counselling, or joining the therapy group, please email me.

Contact information


Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 07738821399

Mobile: 07738821399


Unit 24, Dinnington Business Centre
South Yorkshire
S25 3QX
United Kingdom


Wheelchair access: Yes

Wheelchair accessible toilet: Yes

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Are all the products your entity (business, brand, organisation) produces and/or retails suitable for vegans? If no, then, unfortunately, you cannot register as we only accept submissions from 100% vegan entities.


Which of the following best describes you (professionals and sole traders) or your organisation?



Is your organisation an independent business/brand or a corporate owned business/brand?


Are you a Grassroots organisation (for projects, charities/NGOs)?


Are you a BAME (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic) owned/run business/organisation?


What type of business/organisation are you?

Sole trader

Are you a woman-owned/run business/organisation?


Social, Economic and Environmental Justice

Which social, economic or environmental justice causes does your entity (business, brand, organisation) support or promote (e.g. through social media posts, donations, attending protests and other direct actions etc.)?

Animal rights


Climate justice

Economic justice

Environmental justice


Feminism and gender justice

Food justice

Global justice

Refugee and asylum justice

LGBTQIA justice

Racial justice

What do you do to support or promote each of the causes you have identified?

Through my lifestyle and promoting lifestyle through social media (e.g. recipes, ethical purchases), through volunteering (supporting women who have left abusive relationships) and running therapy groups and workshops.

Does your business/organisation have policies and practices which actively promote diversity and inclusion?


Do you source products and/or ingredients from companies and suppliers that support fair labour practices?

As much as possible

Environment and Sustainability

Do you reuse, recycle and/or donate any waste products (e.g. food, plastics, packaging etc.)?


Giving Back

Does your business support or give back to the local community in any way?


Ethical Banking

Does your business/organisation use an ethical bank or building society?


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