Our Planet. Theirs Too.

Our Planet. Theirs Too.

Our Planet. Theirs Too.

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OPTT is a non-profit organization with a bold vision for planet Earth and all the species of beings who live on it: human and non-human animals sharing this planet in peace and harmony.

We strive to bring our vision to life through various projects that respectfully but unapologetically:

• Change people's inherent relationship to animals, and open their eyes to their unconscious, biased and oppressive attitudes towards animals.

• Promote the idea that animals have, and should have, the same basic rights that humans have, by the mere fact of being born as living beings on the same planet.

• Expose the devastating ways in which the human race treats all other animal species in service of its egocentric needs, and the immense cruelty and injustice ingrained in all human operations that involve animals, from factory farms to labs to zoos and everything in between.

• Help people realize that the only way to live a decent life - as a human, and humane being - is to leave animals off their plate, and off their clothing, products, and entertainment, for good.

Examples of two such projects OPTT is behind, are The National Animal Rights Day (NARD) that is celebrated annually in more than 50 countries around the world (www.thenard.org), and The Declaration of Animal Rights (www.declarationofar.org).

Contact information

Website: www.ourplanettheirstoo.org

Email: [email protected]


200 S. Barrington Ave. #49622
Los Angeles
United States

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