NOAH Italian Vegan Shoes

NOAH Italian Vegan Shoes

NOAH Italian Vegan Shoes

More about NOAH Italian Vegan Shoes

NOAH - The pioneer for vegan shoes.

Founded in 2009, NOAH Italian Vegan Shoes offers fashionable, high-quality leather-free footwear produced in small batches in Italy by traditional shoe manufacturers.

The aim of NOAH is to create exclusive Italian handcrafted vegan shoes and accessories such as handbags, belts, wallets etc., combining quality and style while respecting animals, the environment and thereby human health!

Thanks to the fair working conditions and the use of vegan materials, NOAH footwear has both a social and eco-friendly impact.

NOAH has received the following awards, among others:

2013/4 – Green-Product Award Berlin.
2015 – PETA-Germany Award for the women’s vegan bootie DORA.
2016 – PETA-UK Award for the men’s vegan sneaker DIEGO.

In 2019 NOAH launched a completely new sensational shoe line: NOAH Organic Zero Waste Shoes - The first ever fair, vegan, and biodegradable shoe collection! In 2020 it was expanded by the first NOAH kids’ shoes.

NOAH is always on the ball searching for new leather alternatives and has just released the brand new and trendy sneaker Sammy made of wine leather! Wine leather is vegan, water repellent, easy to clean, and very durable. In addition, it’s also soft to the touch.
For the production of the "wine leather", a process for upgrading wine waste was developed in cooperation with Italian wineries: grape marc, which is composed of grape skins, stems, and seeds that are discarded during wine production. No toxic solvents, heavy metals, or substances hazardous to humans or the environment are used in the production process.

Key information

Online shop for vegan footwear and fashion accessories made in Italy which leaves a social and eco-friendly mark.

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Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +49 9394 995737


Michelrietherstr. 16

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