JCP Holistic Center for Connection, Healing and Transformation.

JCP Holistic Center for Connection, Healing and Transformation.

JCP Holistic Center for Connection, Healing and Transformation.

More about JCP Holistic Center for Connection, Healing and Transformation.

Psilocybin has been used by humans for thousands of years and has many healing properties. One of the greatest benefits of psilocybin use is its remarkable ability to “reset” the human brain and thus patterns established due to imbalances and trauma. There is strong empirical evidence that psilocybin can induce deep behavioural changes and address emotional, spiritual, and physical challenges.

Intense psychotherapy, yoga, sound healing, artistic expression and group sessions help consolidate the transformation and solidify the healing process. We also address nutritional imbalances by offering delicious, plant-based food that cleanses and strengthen the body and mind. 

*About us*

The founder of JCP is Hannah Ben Yehuda, a licensed family therapist with vast clinical experience. Hannah is a certified yoga teacher and has combined yoga, psychotherapy and artistic expression for many years. 

The retreats are conducted in small groups of a maximum of eight participants. 

JPCs focus is to safely, legally, and effectively provide the chance for our participants to partake in the remarkable properties and healing potential of psilocybin. 

As psilocybin is fully legal for personal use, this is a chance to experience processes facilitated with moderate to high doses of mushrooms containing psilocybin, combining the experience with state-of-the-art psychotherapy. We focus on creating a welcoming and safe environment so that our participants can fully immerse themselves in their journey assisted by experienced and caring professionals.

The vegan spirit of including all living beings in our circle of compassion is central to achieving individual and global healing. At JCP, our mission is to heal the world, humans and animals alike, one person at a time.

Key information

Based in Spain

We tailor our treatment to every client. Treatments normally last from 2-4 days. Please contact us for more information!

Contact information

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: +46734254828

Mobile: +46734254828


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What do you do to support or promote each of the causes you have identified?

It is incorporetad at the root of our work. We have been staunch supporters of the causes we believe in and offer access to competent treatment to marginalized groups. Our treatment programs are always vegan and created to be as envirenmetally friendly as poosible.

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As much as possible

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What is the motivation behind JCP?

The motivation behind JCP is to offer access to high-quality, affordable treatment for mental diseases, helping people to heal and regain happy, productive lives.

Who is the team behind JCP?

The team behind JCP is Hannah Lukka, a licensed family Therapist with 14 years of clinical experience and Lee  Ash, an experienced facilitator. Together with our support team, we offer warm and compassionate care.

What one thing about JCP would most surprise us?

What our clients are most often surprised by is the joy of the experience and the rapid changes they feel with treatment. Quite opposite to what one might think, a healing process is one of joy, even if it can be painful.

What would you wish for if you could be granted one wish?

Our dream is to see a world where psychedelic treatment is available to everyone, everywhere.

Is there anything else you want to share about JCP?

JCP welcomes every human being regardless of ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation. We believe that peace begins within us and that all humans deserve a happy, fulfilling life.

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