Hungry Beast - Vegan Indian Kitchen

Hungry Beast - Vegan Indian Kitchen

Hungry Beast - Vegan Indian Kitchen

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Britain’s First 100% authentic Vegan Indian dishes.

Six months of experimenting and tasting the vegan chicken meat, and prawn recipes to perfection, we opened Britain’s first 100% vegan Indian Kitchen. We started this nearly 2 years ago and here we are!

When we opened up everyone mocked us and turned us into a laughing stock because we were doing 100% VEGAN! They said that we are selling "rabbit food!!!!" Tried to brand our food as a joke and said it would never work! They said Vegan food was boring and no one will eat that nonsense!

We put our heads down and focused on making 100% authentic Vegan Indian dishes, we started creating new and exciting dishes, serving fresh clean healthy food. Helping the community and pushed on!

There were so many other people that helped us on this journey and they know exactly who they are. Fast forward 2 years and now everyone is trying to imitate us, using our name and literally copying and pasting our menus, advertising Vegan food even though it's not just to drive our Vegan family through their doors!

What you have to understand is that Vegan food is not BORING, it's not RABBIT food and the food is just amazing.

We thank everyone who has supported us on this journey. We love you and appreciate you very much!

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The food is amazing!


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Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 02037732117


87 Kingsland Road
E2 8AG
United Kingdom

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