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Heena Modi

Heena Modi

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As an ambassador of veganism, Heena Modi helps people facilitate the shift to a vegan diet, lifestyle or both. Having been vegan for over 10 years and a vegetarian for decades before that, Heena has lived the experiences and messages that she shares.

Heena will bring compassion and practical insight to the topic of going vegan and staying vegan in terms of diet, as well as, taking you beyond food, into a vegan lifestyle overall.

A qualified NutritionalTherapy Practitioner, Heena will help you bust myths, address common obstacles and find a meaningful, simple and personalised approach that works for you.

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Are all the products your entity (business, brand, organisation) produces and/or retails suitable for vegans? If no, then, unfortunately, you cannot register as we only accept submissions from 100% vegan entities.


Which of the following best describes you (professionals and sole traders) or your organisation?



Is your organisation an independent business/brand or a corporate owned business/brand?


Are you a Grassroots organisation (for projects, charities/NGOs)?


Are you a BAME (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic) owned/run business/organisation?


What type of business/organisation are you?

Sole trader

Are you a woman-owned/run business/organisation?


Social, Economic and Environmental Justice

Which social, economic or environmental justice causes does your entity (business, brand, organisation) support or promote (e.g. through social media posts, donations, attending protests and other direct actions etc.)?

Animal rights


What do you do to support or promote each of the causes you have identified?

The entire business revolves around supporting people with shifting to veganism

Giving Back

Does your business support or give back to the local community in any way?


Ethical Banking

Does your business/organisation use an ethical bank or building society?


What was the motivation behind your brand, business or organisation? What did you want to change in the world?

I wanted to show people that shifting to a plant-based diet or a vegan lifestyle can be light, fun and empowering.

Who is the team behind your brand, business or organisation?

It's me, me and let's see...me! :)

If your brand, business or organisation could be granted one wish, what would you wish for?

For as many people as possible to know about the recipe book, which I launched on Thursday 25th November 2021, so that everyone can see that going vegan doesn't mean 'no desserts' and that we aren't forced to eat desserts that are 'pants either!

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