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At Five Vegans we have done the research for you and can guarantee that everything sold in our store is 100% vegan. If there is anything you currently require for which you can't find a vegan version please let us know and we will do our best to source it for you.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and are here to help so please feel free to contact us with any questions or advice. At Five Vegans we believe a vegan world is possible and we will do our best to make this dream a reality.

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Email: [email protected]

Mobile: 0403 849 175

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Are all the products your entity (business, brand, organisation) produces and/or retails suitable for vegans? If no, then, unfortunately, you cannot register as we only accept submissions from 100% vegan entities.


Which of the following best describes you (professionals and sole traders) or your organisation?



Is your organisation an independent business/brand or a corporate owned business/brand?


What type of business/organisation are you?

Social enterprise

Social, Economic and Environmental Justice

Which social, economic or environmental justice causes does your entity (business, brand, organisation) support or promote (e.g. through social media posts, donations, attending protests and other direct actions etc.)?

Animal rights


What do you do to support or promote each of the causes you have identified?

All products are eco-friendly & vegan plus we donate every month to charities & sanctuaries

Do any of the products you produce and/or retail, or ingredients you use, have fairtrade certifications?

Many (one to two thirds)

Do you source products and/or ingredients from companies and suppliers that support fair labour practices?

As much as possible

Environment and Sustainability

Overall, how many of the products that you produce and/or retail, or ingredients you use, are certified by the sustainable production certifications listed in the question above?

Many (one to two thirds)

Are any of the products that you produce and/or retail, or ingredients you use, produced using sustainable production methods albeit uncertified?


Energy, Transport and Distribution

How many of the products you produce and/or retail, and/or the ingredients you use, are made in the country in which your entity (business, organisation) is based?

Many (one to two thirds)

Giving Back

Does your business support or give back to the local community in any way?


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