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Fit Chews are the modern disruptor to the confectionery challenger brands.
Our first product is an innovative, health-conscious and honest rework of original chew sweet favourites like Chewits and Fruittella.

Mission statement
At Fit Chews we are redefining confectionery with our range of honest sweets that can be enjoyed guilt-free by health-conscious adults and children.

Behind the brand
Vision statement
Obesity is the most neglected pandemic in the world, both in developed and developing countries.

Sugar is the new tobacco, and at Fit Chews, we want to play a leading role in tackling obesity.

Fit Chews have the sweet taste, and texture which we all love - this will not change.

Fit Chews will continue to be an innovator by creating a line of health-conscious confectionery, so that sweets can still be loved, while global obesity is

Key information

Fit Chews is a UK start up and we are always seeking new opportunities, we are particualry interested but not limited in partnering with suppliers and stockists.
We are very sociable so please reach out to us.

For purchasers, you can do this directly from our website.

Contact information


Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 07776183388

Mobile: 07776183388


24 Bedford Row
United Kingdom

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