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Would you prefer to drink out of a bottle made 100% from plants, that emits 60% less carbon and uses 50% less energy during production, can be used again and again, is fully compostable and if sent to a waste-to-energy facility at the end of its life simply emits the carbon the plants captured in the first place...

.... or a bottle made from fossil fuels (with all of the associated problems to actually get them out of the ground), that cannot be re-used for fear of leaching toxins into your water, uses far more energy to create, emits far more carbon and if burnt emits harmful toxins?

Oh - and clogs the rivers, waterways and oceans, contaminates every part of nature and takes hundreds of years to break down (if at all)?

Yeah, a pretty easy one isn't it!?

Eco. For. Life.


15% OFF on a retail case of Eco For Life

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We are offering 15% off a retail case of Eco For Life water, delivered direct to your door.

For trade enquiries, please contact [email protected]

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Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 01243 776 296


Unit 1A, Woodhorn Business Centre,
West Sussex
PO20 2BX
United Kingdom

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Actively promote a campaign against plastic and provide a huge amount of relevant information (in visual form) on our social media accounts.

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