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Connect For Animals (CFA) is a platform for people who want to create a better world for animals, starting by ending factory farming.

Find events, groups, and like-minded people—and learn how to be more effective at advocating for animals.

Our Mission Is To Connect Animal Supporters 🐠
There are millions of people who care about farmed animals. People all over the world have learned about the horrors of factory farming, the immense suffering that it causes, and the solution—ending factory farming.

But most of these people are disconnected. That's what Connect For Animals is going to change.

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Find Events:

Don't know where to find animal advocacy events? Connect For Animals is your new one-stop shop. Find social, education, and impact events, both locally and virtually, from hundreds of animal advocacy organizations.

Find Your People:

Connect with other people who care about animals, based on your shared interests and experiences. Make new friends, find advocacy partners and mentors, or just get together for a coffee chat.

Make An Impact Where You Are:

No matter where you live, you can find ways to get involved. Meet people in your area and attend events in your city, or connect with people online and take part in virtual advocacy. Make a difference where you are, no matter where that is.

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Email: [email protected]

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