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BotaniCuisine, LLC

BotaniCuisine, LLC

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SPECIALTY VEGAN FOODS that are shockingly delicious and satisfying, sold at farmer's markets, events, and in restaurants.

PLANT-POWERED: AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE. Virtual meetup series with guest speakers, exploring interesting, relevant topics.

PLANT-POWERED MEAT MONTH. Online promotion for restaurants and professional chefs.

VEGAN BURGER SMACKDOWN. A public event featuring creative, unique food with music and entertainment, kids area, and raffles with prizes.

Key information

Food prepared in a commercial kitchen, also available for pickup. Foods: Harvest Quiche and Jackfruit Cakes (like crab cakes) are gluten-free. Calzones with Beyond Meat, veggies, cheese. Pumpkin spice muffins with cashew cream. More food added soon.
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Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 4433847890

Mobile: 4109246579


5730 Cottonworth Ave., #5351
United States

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